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The Story of Success: Anna & Elena Beriya

The Story of Success: Anna & Elena Beriya

Meet the sisters Anna and Elena Beriya. For more than three years, the girls have been engaged in their own clothing brand Twinsber. Unlike many other designers, Anna and Elena decided to create a brand of sportswear, which, unfortunately, we do not have a lot in Ukraine. However, nowadays, the cult of sport and healthy lifestyle began to actively develop among modern youth in Ukraine. Agree that the clothes in which you train should look no worse (and sometimes even better) than your toned body. It should emphasize your achievements in the gym, and, at the same time, be stylish, high-quality and create the feeling of comfort. This is the DNA the sisters Beriya laid into the foundation of the brand. But the girls do not stand still – they calculate their actions in advance, making the clothes multifunctional. Twinsber’s versatility lies in the fact that their clothes can be worn not only as a sports uniform, but also as a casual clothing. You, probably, paid attention to the latest collections of fashion houses, which literally advocate the wearing of cycling shorts.

Initially, Anna and Elena concentrated on creating the perfect sports suit, making it exclusive. Due to the high quality, natural fabrics that they use, the original model range, bright and extraordinary performance, as well as comfort and practicality, the girls gained the trust of customers immediately after the launch of the first collection. Over the time, their ideas went beyond the framework of a single product, and now something new appears in each collection. The main feature of the brand is definitely the quality, which significantly distinguishes Twinsber from competitors. Therefore, girls adhere to the golden rule – under no economic conditions of the market it is impossible to save on initial materials, because the client will always notice it. And, the client for the sisters is the most important in their business. They never set the age limit for their customers, they treat everyone with respect and without bias, because the trust and dedication of their customers is the most valuable and greatest reward for them.

Sisters Beriya approached their family business very competently, clearly assigning their responsibilities. Elena is the creative beginning of the brand; all the sketches are drawn and translated into reality thanks to her work. New ideas usually come to her in moments when she retires in a creative atmosphere, gathering her thoughts in absolute silence. In addition, the sisters are inspired by literally everything that surrounds them – traveling, meeting interesting people, music, and even food. In turn, Anna is focused more on marketing, production, documentation, and she is the one who works directly with the clients. However, despite the different responsibilities, the sisters share a common goal – the cult of a healthy body, the promotion of sport in general, and the implementation the habit of being beautiful, athletic and healthy into the youth’s life.

Another important point is that girls personally test all their clothes by themselves before they go into mass production. Detailed control of all the stages of product creation leads to the fact that Twinsber sportswear ideally fits any figure, and in those cases, if there is a need for it, they even model the silhouette.

Very soon, Anna and Elena Beriya will present a new collection. It will be radically different from the previous ones, at least in its color palette. The girls decided to move away from the bright colors and created a collection with a dominant black color. This color is paradoxical: associated with infinity, silence, female life force, it evokes a sense of mystery, security and comfort. It is like a famous little black dress by Dior. Little black jumpsuit will be the main element of the wardrobe. In addition, the collection will also include the latest fashion trend – cycling shorts. What else to expect from the new clothing by Twinsber, remains a mystery. The girls do not want to immediately reveal all the cards, but they promise that everyone will be pleasantly surprised.

Despite the fact that the sisters Beriya are now actively working on the presentation of a new clothing line, they are already planning their business goals for the next 5 years. Girls want to develop a brand at the global level, so the main goal for the nearest future is not only to support existing ones, but also to reach new sales markets. At the moment, the brand’s products are represented not only in Ukraine, but also in America, Europe, Hong Kong and different European countries. Another goal worth mentioning is to adequately represent Ukraine at the international level, making the notion of the quality equal to “Made in Ukraine”.

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